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Taylor Hollow Construction prides itself on high-quality homes built with Structural Insulated Panels, 

modern materials and techniques for energy efficient homes. 


High Quality
Framing And Sealing​

Energy Efficient

Choices In Design
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What makes a home energy efficient?

Many builders will say their projects are energy efficient because they use Energy Star products. Taylor Hollow Construction goes above and beyond to make sure the envelope of your home is thermally resilient and air-tight. Using the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, the nationally recognized system for calculating a home’s energy performance, you can evaluate the homes we build in comparison to the average. Our goal is to achieve a Zero Energy Ready Home score of 50 on each project.

Stronger, Safer, and More Comfortable

The costs of home HVAC systems and utilities are increasing each year. By working with us, we will build a highly efficient home which will improve the air quality and reduce your utility bills. The temperature and humidity will be more consistent throughout the house, the walls have better soundproofing and the structural integrity of your home will be able to withstand the increasing severity of storms. This also means your home will hold it’s valuation for longer.  Taylor Hollow Construction also uses sustainable building materials whenever possible. 


partners with

Taylor Hollow Construction can build different types of Energy Efficient Homes for you

ACME Panel is an industry leader in Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) which allow for builds to be faster and more energy efficient than traditional stick frames. Because of our unique partnership with ACME Panel, by using SIPs we can build your home more efficiently than most builders. Whether you want an Earthcraft, Net Zero, Zero Energy Ready, Energy Star or Passive Haus we have the expertise to make your dream come true.