High Quality SIP Building Envelopes Built Fast

This is the purchase of your lifetime; At Taylor Hollow Construction, we are experts in Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) building envelopes and will make sure yours will last for generations.

The Structural Insulated Panel building envelope is the most cost-effective path to improving a home’s most critical hidden qualities. It is also the most complicated and integral piece of your home. At Taylor Hollow Construction, we partner with ACME Panel who is the leader in manufacturing pre-built Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Our expertise in building envelopes allows us to reduce your dry in time from months to weeks.

What is the Building Envelope?

A building envelope consists of all exterior components of a building including the foundation, floors, walls, roof, waterproofing and exterior windows and doors.  Building envelopes must be well-designed and expertly constructed to provide long-term climate control and structural integrity over generations. Done correctly, a high-quality building envelope installed with SIPs and air sealed, will ensure your home is Energy-Efficient.

At Taylor Hollow Construction, we are the SIP Experts

By choosing Taylor Hollow Construction, you are guaranteed a high-quality building envelope that will ensure Zero Energy Ready or meet the energy code you need. This means lower energy usage and costs, less chance of any mold and mildew, and easier maintenance over time. Taylor Hollow Construction is a SIP Master Builder from the Structural Insulated Panel Association

Taylor Hollow Construction can continue on to finish your home, or transfer the completion to you as the General Contractor if you want to save on building costs by finishing your home. THC provides a full range of construction services from a complete installation to  providing a site supervisor or training your crew.