Building History

Every historic building comes with its own aesthetics and challenges. Taylor Hollow Construction has over 20 years of experience in both developing and renovating historic projects.

We have experience in:

Working Together on Historic Projects

Taylor Hollow Construction has worked on more than a dozen Historic projects ranging in size from 3,000 to 18,000 sq. ft. Each building presents a unique challenge and with our experience we know how to tackle many of the issues that you will face. Our experts know how to deal with structural, asbestos, and other hazards with ease. 

Consulting and Partnerships

Taylor Hollow Construction provides consulting, construction and development services on historic projects in Southwest VA. Call us to discuss your project.

Completed Past Development and Building Projects:

  1. Prices Fork Elementary Revitalization into 16 apartments for seniors /Food Center (Hist credits,)(NRV HOME LMI) (Solar Installation) (Community Use) (Earthcraft)
  2. Wintergreen Commons repurpose into apartments for seniors & Headstart program (HOME LMI) (Community Use)
  3. Historic Revitalization 90 West Main Pulaski (Historic Credits) (VHDA)
  4. Historic Revitalization 85 West Main Pulaski (Historic Credits) (VHDA)
  5. 337 West Main Radford, Mixed Use Revitalization (Historic Credits) (VHDA) (Ent. Zone) (HOME LMI) (Save Building)
  6. Taylor Hollow Meadows, LLC Subdivision: (conservation easement)
  7. 707 Progress Street, House move, gut and upfit Duplex. (Save Building) (Energy Efficiency)
  8. 709 Progress Street Renovation
  9. 210 North Main Street, Blacksburg Commercial Building.
  10. Little River Development.
  11. 4546 Webb’s Mill Road Rebuild and Subdivision
  12. Coffee Mill Building Mixed Use Revitalization. (Historic Tax Credits) (Transfer of Credits)
  13. Old Radford Furniture Store. (Historic Tax Credits) into Sharkey’s.
  14. 103/107 Third Avenue Mixed use revitalization. (VHDA) (NRV HOME LLMI)(Historic Tax Credits)(Transfer of credits)
  15. Creston Apartment Building remodel.
  16. Goodyear Tire Plant Reclamation & Repurposing into ACME Panel Plant. (Energy Efficiency, Economic development, ) (reclaimed brownfield) (Solar array)
  17. Former Brad Regan Company Office Rebuild (repurpose, energy Efficiency)
  18. R Roberts mixed use Revitalization (Historic Credits) (VHDA) (NRV HOME LMI)
  19. Wheeler Building Municipal Offices and Mixed Use Revitalization. (Historic Credits) (VHDA) (NRV HOME Loan)
  20. 327 West Main Street Radford, Mixed use revitalization (Enterprise Zone)
  21. 204 Main Street, Narrows. Building stabilization & Apartment upfit (NRV HOME LMI)
  22. 1129 East Main Street, Radford. Mixed used Revitalization (Enterprise zone, Radford Home LMI, Earthcraft gold, solar array)